BTown celebs Who Dumped Their Family After Getting Success In Films.


Family happens to be the indispensable part of our lives who no matter where we reach in life never leaves our side. But there have been numerous instances in the Bollywood industry where post-getting fame, the actors went on to break their relationships with their families. While there have been numerous indifferent reasons for the same, let’s have a look at the reasons behind the same: 

Mandana Karimi

This Iranian actress based in India became quite popular after emerging as the second runner-up to the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss season 9. Apart from this, Mandana has only appeared in 4 to 5 Hindi films so far with some of her notable works in – Bhaag Johnny, Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3, and Roy. The actress accused her husband and in-laws of creating pressure on the actress to give up her filmy career and even accused them of torturing her following which, she decided to make a distance from her family for some time. 

Krushna Abhishek

Popularly addressed as “Sapna from Nalasupara”, this stand-up comedian is regarded as one of the best ones in the industry. While we know enough about our “Sapna” that is Krushna Abhishek from the Kapil Sharma Show, the one thing that you might not know is his sour relations with Govinda. Though the actor initially entered the industry on his name and according to Govinda’s wife, he even stayed up with them in their house for years. However, he is not on talking terms with Govinda and his family and rarely talks to them. 

Prateik Babbar 

The Bollywood actor Prateik Babbar is the son of classic veteran actors, late Smita Patel and Raj Babbar, Pratiek hails from a political and Bollywood background family. With his father and mother both being responsible for their brilliant contribution to Hindi cinema, they were considered as one of the popular actors of the time. While we all believe that the popularity of his parents has added to the boosting career and his ability to enter the industry, Prateik has surprised us all by grabbing a position amongst this list!

Post his brilliant performance in the cult classic teenage drama film, Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na, and the web Series, Four More shots please, Prateik has been considered one of a kind. The actor stopped talking to his father, Raj Babbar believing that he was not investing enough time in him and focused more on his other family members. Following this, the actor got furious and stopped talking to his family and even dropped his surname!

Ameesha Patel

She began her career with the lead role in the superhit film Kaho Na Pyar Hai in the year 2000 and became a star overnight. But, what still surprises us is the fact that even after being such a famous actress, Ameesha Patel is still alone to date. Although her name was associated with director Vikram Bhatt at a time, later it became just a mere rumor. While we all thought that these were the major details that we need to know about the actress, wait until we tell you something beyond this! Yes, the Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel is also amongst those stars who maintain a good distance from her family post getting famous. And being asked about the same, the actress accused her family of mental torture and stress. She even claimed that her family was not able to properly manage the funds earned by the actress during the peak time of her career. 

Arshad Warsi

You might have always remembered this actor by the name of “circuit” right!? Well, the Indian crime thriller web series, Asur garnered a new recognition for the actor and became another popular Indian web series that was loved by the audiences. This was the debut series for the actor on the OTT platform and he truly nailed his character of Dhananjay Rajput with his brilliant performance. Based on the real-life events of a detective, Arshad’s performance made this series become popular overnight and it soon became the talk of the town. While the fans also fell in love with its second installment, Arshad stands amongst one of the most underrated actors of the industry who after getting fame in Bollywood, stopped talking to his step-cousin – Anwar Hussain due to some unknown reasons. Surprising, right!?

Rohit Shetty

This Indian director has been immensely popular for his stunts and thrilling actions included in his films. A great lover of turning the cars in the wind and pulling car stunts, Rohit Shetty has been responsible for delivering classics like – Singham series, Golmaal installments, Bol Bachchan, etc. Apart from this, he is also known for being a host to the Indian reality show, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi five consecutive times. 

Kangana Ranaut

The Padma Shri award winner, Indian actress Kangana Ranaut is one of the most renowned and established actresses of Bollywood. One of the strongest yet boldest actresses of the Bollywood industry who can certainly take the film to success all alone being the only main lead! Her exceptional acting and mesmerizing beauty in the films Gangster, Queen, Fashion, Woh Lamhe, etc. have been well praised by all her fans. While she has been an active part of controversies one after the other, she is also the one who doesn’t share good terms with her family. The reason behind the same was the fact that her family was always against her Bollywood career following which she maintained a distance from her family. 

Suvreen Chawla

This Bollywood beauty hails from a family where being in the entertainment industry is not considered good for girls. And when she was seen as a host to the show – Comedy Nights, she still had good relations with her family. However, post her intimate scenes in the movie Hate Story 2, her family stopped supporting the actress and lost her connection with her family.

Rahul Mahajan

The child of former BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, Rahul Mahajan became immensely popular amongst the commoners after his appearance in Rahul Ka Swayamvar and Indian reality show, Bigg Boss as a contestant. Because of his association from a political background, his family members were against him establishing a career in the entertainment industry. Following this, his relationship with his family deteriorated. 

Siddharth Sagar

This Indian stand-up comedian shot to fame after being the winner of the show Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe. Starting his career at the mere age of 8 years, he made his debut at the age of 13 on Sony’s show – Comedy Circus – Chinchpokli To China. After being a part of various Comedy shows, he is also counted amongst those stars who share a bitter relationship with the family. After being separated from the industry for a bit, Siddharth claimed of being mentally tortured by his mother where he even stated that his mother took up all his money and used it for her luxuries. 

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