Unique Names Of Indian Television Star Kids.


The life of our favorite Television stars has certainly kept us on our toes. While we love to be updated about these stars not only in reel life through their episodes but also in their real lives. Though numerous shows have kept us engaged throughout the years, there are various details about the lives of these stars that remain a mystery to all of us.

But today, with this post, we are going to introduce the lovely children of some of our favorite TV stars and their unique yet quirky names.

Let’s have a look:

Deepika Singh and Rohit Raj Goyal


The actress Deepika Singh remains one of the most inspiring characters from the serial Diya Aur Baati Hum. She became one of the most loved ‘bahus’ of the television industry after her portrayal of Sandhya.

The actress is a mother to a son named Soham which means, “Lord Brahma; The Presence of Divinity of Each Soul; Breath”

Amit Tandon and Dr. Ruby


The television actor Amit Tandon shot to fame after his portrayal of the character of Dr. Abhimanyu Modi in the popular sitcom, Dill Mill Gayye. This Indian Idol 1 contestant started his television journey with this show and has never looked back since.

Post this, he bagged roles in some of the most popular Indian sitcoms like we mentioned earlier, Dill Mill Gayye, Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, etc. He got married to Dr. Ruby Tandon back in 2007 and is blessed with an adorable daughter named Jiyana which means “God is gracious Strength”.

Shabir Ahluwalia and Kanchi Kaul


This popular duo stands out to be the prominent faces of the Television industry. While they look extremely cute and adorable together, wait until you see their children! The duo is blessed with two cute sons named Azai and Ivarr.

While the name Azai means “Strength” the name Ivarr means “yew or bow army”. Yes, though the name Ivarr sounds a bit quirky this has certainly been one of the most astounding ones from the list.

Roshni Chopra and Siddharth Anand Kumar


This Kasamh Se famed actress, Roshini Chopra got married to the popular and brilliant filmmaker, Siddharth Anand Kumar. This classic Jodi got blessed with two sons named Jaiveer and Reyaan where the name Jaiveer meant “Victorious” and Reyaan meant “Fame”. Quite interesting, Right!?

Arjun Bijlani and Neha Swami


Arjun certainly became a national crush after his appearance as a lead in the popular sitcom Naagin. The actor got married to Neha and is a father to a son named Ayaan which means “God’s gift”.

Iqbal Khan and Sneha Chhabra


The actor Iqbal Khan became one of the most lovable characters after his significant contribution to the Bollywood film, Fun2shh. While this actor has also been a part of some of the most iconic TV shows such as Dil Se Dil Tak, Kahiin To Hoga, Kavyanjali, etc.

He also has ventured into various Bollywood movies. Sneha and Iqbal are blessed with a girl named Ammara which means – ‘Eternal’.

Sharad Kelkar and Keerti Gaekwad


Though this actor has been there in the television industry for quite a lot of time, this actor got immense recognition from his transgender role in the Bollywood film, Laxmi.

While his performance lured the audiences and became a hot topic at the time, he has been married to another popular face of Indian television, that is, actress Keerti Gaekwad. In 2005, the couple became parents to a cute little girl named Kesha which means “Innocent”.

Manav Gohil and Shweta Kawatra


Certainly, if “Nandani” has been mentioned in the list, then why not its superstar “KT”!? Well, yes, we are referring to none other than the actor Manav Gohil. Manav has successfully managed to lure the audiences with his classic performance in the serial Shaadi Mubarak and we are still eagerly waiting for the show to resume just to be able to see his smile.

The actor got married to Shweta Kawatra, a television actress, and named their son Jaydon which means “thankful or God will judge”.

Gurdeep Kohli and Arjun Punj


This classic duo has been together since the time of their serial, Sanjeevani. The serial not only made these actors popular but was also responsible for their togetherness. The duo is the parents of two children named Mahir and Meher. Where the name Mahir stands for “Skillful”, Meher stands for “Grace and benevolence”.

Bakhtiyaar Irani and Tannaz Irani


Bakhtiyar and Tannaz are one of those popular Television personalities who are not confined for an introduction. The duo are parents to a son and a daughter. While they named their son, Zeus which means “ sky and thunder god”.

On the other hand, they again went on to choose a different name for their daughter that is, Zara which means, “blossoming flower or princess”.

Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff


In the classic Indian sitcom, Kumkum famed actress Juhi Parmar has been quite active with her children on social media. While she has been divorced from Sachin back in 2018, the duo is parents to a gorgeous daughter named Samaira which means “Goddess of Beauty or Enchanting”.

Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bisht


Both this duo has been a part of the television industry for ages. While Indraneil has performed several negative roles on screen, his spouse, actress Barkha has also played a variety of roles on Indian television.

Right from her appearance in the serial Naamkaran to her recent work in Shaadi Mubarak, the actress has possibly made us all feel weak in the knees. This duo is parents to a daughter named Meira which means, “light”.

Romit Raj and Tina Kakkar


This popular television actor is one of those actors who was responsible for making our childhood awesome! Yes, the actor started his career with the popular sitcom, Shaka Laka Boom Boom and has never looked back since. He got married to Tina Kakkar and is a father to a baby girl named Reha which means, “destroyer of enemies, Star”.

Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan


The other popular Jodi of the Indian television, Hiten and Gauri are parents to twins named Nevaan and Katya which are synonym words with meaning, ”sacred or pure”.

Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu


The serial Sharat famed actor, Karanvir Bohra was truly the one who lured the girls back in the 90s. Not only “Jiya” but rather every other girl was after “Dhruv”. Right!? Well, the actor broke the hearts of millions and got married to Teejay Sidhu.

He is also a father to twin girls named Bella which means “beautiful” and Vienna which means “forest stream”.

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